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Decoration Solutions

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Plastic Decoration

Captivating. Resilient. Alluring

Beauty and cosmetics share an inseparable bond. Products that enhance our appearance must themselves exude beauty: the visual impact of your cosmetic items, like mascara, is paramount. Our solution caters to various applications, paving the way for enhanced product quality and fascination for you as a brand owner.

  • Exceptional durability for prolonged use

  • Endless design potentials

  • A diverse spectrum of colors for captivating design innovations.

Stamping Decoration

Enchanting. Sturdy. Durable

Introducing fresh enhancements and enhanced design flexibility, uncover remarkable design potentials on tubes and other UV-coated or printed surfaces, while simultaneously enhancing product resilience. This offers creative opportunities for multi-colored overlaying metal effects or achieving flawless 360° decoration.

Experience novel visual effects facilitated by overstampability, along with elevated mechanical and chemical resistance. Further fortify and ensure enduring decoration, suitable for intricate motifs and extensive finishings.

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Metal Tones Decorate

Brilliant. Attractive. Alluring

The ultimate digital solution for metallic decoration in print finishing. Our stamping decoration featuring elegant, real metal is now accessible for digital printing for the first time – no setup times, no tools, just a plethora of innovative design possibilities. Empowers the creation of individual motifs or customizations with exquisite metallization.

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