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Security Holographic Transfer Finishes

The manufacture of high-quality hologram images requires high-quality base materials. We do supply such materials as well as images and the transfer film which is also used in the technology.

Hologram images are well-known as an instrument for protection against forgery. They change over time and are supplemented with new effects - modern hologram images differ from the ones which were used few years ago. Our experts will help you to understand this sophisticated technology and to make the right choice when choosing hologram solutions for the protection of your products.

Transfer Film is used for a cold holographic image transfer technology which allows to achieve high quality and anti - counterfeit protection.

This technology is applied in all types of narrow web printing machines having cold embossing sections. The life of cold retransfer film is sufficiently long; therefore, printing houses easily reuse the film five (or even more) times in their practical operations. So this technology is also very consumer friendly in an economical way.

As to design, transparent holographic images look very catchy on contrasting dark backgrounds. Another sure winner is metallized basis and a transparent holographic image in spaces without white liner.

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