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Providing Everything You Need

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Food and Beverages

PPF hot stamping transfer finishes is widely used in the food and beverage industries for decorating and branding a variety of products such as  food packaging and wine bottles. PPF products can be used to add metallic or holographic effects, providing a premium and eye-catching finish to the packaging. 

Perfumes and Cosmetics

We provide high-quality hot stamping plastic decorations for a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including caps, closures, plastic bottles, make-up crayons, tubes, fragrance bottles, make-up cases, and lipstick tubes.

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Advertising and Publishing

PPF offers hot stamping in metallic and pigment finishes that provide a superior alternative to printing inks for book covers, notebooks and other ensuring sharp, clean edges and full coverage even on difficult substrates. 

Security and Counterfeit Technologies

The manufacture of high-quality hologram images requires top-quality base materials, extreme precision, and innovative machinery. PPF is pleased to offer a full-service solution, from your initial idea to the creation of registered or unregistered custom-made hot stamping with unique security images.

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Electronics and Home Appliances

Transfer finishes decoration on electronics and home appliances serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Metallized shield delicate internal components from electromagnetic interference, ensuring optimal performance. They also add visual appeal, with decorative products applied to surfaces through techniques like embossing or printing. In home appliances, these transfer finishes offer insulation and heat resistance while providing a sleek, modern appearance that complements home decor.

Furniture and Fittings

PPF offers modern and creative decoration effects for furniture that provide exciting alternatives to traditional methods like staining and painting, allowing for quick and accurate surface decoration with fewer rejects and more flexibility. This technology can be applied to a variety of surfaces, from wood to plastic and aluminum, and allows for endless design effects, including backlighting and matte or high-gloss finishes.

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Automotive Industry

PPF specializes in providing complete solutions for superior interior automotive part decoration. For exterior parts, PPF offers special  for grill, license plate, and exterior trim decoration. PPF also provides optimal eye-catching application on underhood parts, including engine covers, fill caps, engine belts, and battery housings, with specialized tool sets for repeatable decoration on high temperature plastics.

Fashion and Design

PPF offers metallized decorations to create metal effects on textiles, artificial leather, and genuine leather, providing a large portfolio of colors and decors for exciting designs. PPF high-quality technology and robust bonding agent make for successful fashion products decoration.

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Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Our transfer finishes provide a simple and clean process for marking and coding clinical instruments, while also being highly resistant to rubbing, scuffing, and chemical attack. Also our products can be used to achieve dynamic effects, metallization, and multicolor designs for packaging, helping products stand out and achieve a unique, luxurious position.

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