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With flat hot stamping dies is transferred on a material and it gives a simple, but classy touch, when a symbol, painting or a letter is applied. This technology is widely used for package, labels, cards and book covers to help them look outstanding and luxurious.

Deep Texture Pattern

Same as standard embossing/debossing, this technology can be used either with metalic sheen  (in single step) or either without it. The structure of the brass die enhances and sharpens the appearance  of small details in design generating the image more attractive. Especially used against counterfeiting, as it makes product unique and genuine.

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Micro die 1.JPG

Microtexture Patterns

This flat stamping technology can be used to create even the micro elements on your product. It is so fine that gives an actual holographic look to a non-holographic material and is often used to make a counterfeiting protection as it makes the product genuine and secure.

3D Embossing/Debossing

3D design dies are the perfect solution to transfer three-dimensional image on the paper or cardboard. An impressive optic effect can be reached using traditional stamping technology with our 3D die.


With this type of tooling, embossing, or debossing can be executed simultaneously, offering the advantage of significantly reducing production time and avoiding mis-registration between press runs. Additionally, a special relief is created to impart texture to the image through embossing or debossing. The die consists of two parts: the die itself, made from brass, and the counter die, made from plastic or thin brass, ranging from 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm in thickness.

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